Proprietary blend:
Polyporus umbellalus, Ligusticum
wallichi, Orthosiphon aristatus,
Ludwigiua adscebdens, Radix
astragalus and Rehmania glutinosa

  • Healthy Kidney Filtration Function
  • Healthy Urination Flow
  • High proteinuria
Kidney+SP was formulated from 6 herbs: Polyporus umbellalus, Ligusticum wallichi,
Orthosiphon aristatus, Ludwigiua adscebdens, Radix astragalus and Rehmania glutinosa
in a
specific ratio and concentration that have shown very positive effects for balancing the body for
people suffering chronic glomerulonephritis with high proteinuria (high protein spillage in

Kidney+SP was designed by medical doctors and master herbalists from high quality
concentrated unique herbal extracts, such as rare herbs
Polyporus umbellalus, Ligusticum
wallichi, Orthosiphon aristatus, Ludwigiua adscebdens
which are traditionally known for their
positive effect for healthy kidney and urinary function*.
This product is considered a natural dietary supplement.

We use only the purest, superior quality ingredients in all of our products, including
Kidney+SP.  Our products are free from common allergens, food colorings, preservatives,
binders, and fillers including gluten, corn and dairy and they are fully in compliance with
industry standards and guidelines for purity of foods and dietary supplements.

Each bottle contains 120 hypoallergenic  capsules.

**Note: Kidney+SP effectiveness may be enhanced by taking Kidney -Tonic for complete
kidney support.
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120 Capsules
Serving Per Bottle:
Approx. 30 Servings
Net Weight:
750 mg.
Health Category:
Kidney health
Suggested Adult Usage:
As a dietary supplement, take 4
capsules each, three times a day,
or as suggested by a healthcare
Kidney+SP May Provide Support for*:
Superior Natural Products developed by Medical Doctors and Master Herbalists
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