Proprietary blend:
Cortex phellodendri, Ecliptae alba,Herba
Taraxaci, Sarcandae.Lactobacillus  
rhamnosus lysate.
Nutritional supplement with probiotic for**:

  • Dental caries
  • Gingivitis
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Sensitive Gums
  • Gum Disease
  • Canker and mouth ulcers.
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Gum (or Periodontal) disease is one of the most troublesome ailments affecting mankind. Four of
every five Americans suffer from some form of gum disease. Although death is rarely a
complication of gum disease, the sequellae of pain, discomfort, and tooth loss are well known.
Gum disease is considered as a chronic low-grade infection, which can exacerbate a wide array of
health problems.
Gum disease is suspected of contributing to ailments through the bloodstream.
Bacteria from the mouth enter into the circulatory system and travel to other parts of the body,
causing widespread inflammation. Recent studies have shown an increased risk of heart disease
and stroke in people with gum infections. There also appears to be a link between gum infections
and diabetes.
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Gum-plus is a doctor developed and tested natural supplement formula for people with a gum
Gum-plus represents a unique combination of herbal extracts of  Cortex phellodendri,
Ecliptae alba,Herba Taraxaci, Sarcandae
and Lactobacillus rhamnosus lysate with strong probiotic
and immuno-supportive properties. The selected herbs contain high concentration of fumarate, an
energy enhancing nutrient.  
Gum-plus supplementation, together with regular dental care (brushing
and flossing every day) maybe an effective way to prevent or treat
dental caries, dental plaque
gingivitis, candidiasis, dental stomatitis, aphthous ulceration, fungal infection and
periodontitis. It can be used as a daily supplement to help the body to promote healthy gum
, which will prevent tooth decay. The supplement is highly recommended for people with
haemorrhagic and pyorrhea-form of paradontosis and the catarrh gingivitis.


My 12-year-old daughter has been suffering with severe mouth ulcers and gum abscesses due to
a course of chemotherapy for her leukemia. I gave her an herbal formula called
Gum-plus on
recommendation from our friend. The improvement this has made is remarkable; the pains and
ulcers have reduced dramatically in just 3 days. Her blood counts and general energy were
considerably better during her chemotherapy courses this time and the ulcers and gum infections
were entirely eliminated.
       - - Mini S., CA

This gum product is amazing. Don't have the money right now for dental procedures and the
supplement literally did exactly what they said it would - healthy gums and healthy intestines.
Bernadette M., Geneva, Switzerland

Six years ago, one of the very famous periodontists told me the only option left for me was to have
my teeth extracted; there was to be four operations for my dental implantations.  As a doctor and
medical scientist I decided to not take this diagnosis lying down, and after extensive research I
Gum-plus. All my gum bleeding, sensitivity and pains stopped in about one week after
starting the herbal formula. After 2 years of using the formula, my dental check-ups showed almost
normal gum and bone structure. My periodontist thought that it was impossible, but it did happen to
me. I have continued the use of the formula for more than 6 years now.
        - - David H., CA

I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I went to the periodontist after approximately 8 months on Gum-
and he couldn’t believe his eyes, because my teeth pockets had reduced twice and now the
deepest of them are 3 mm. This is after 20 years of periodontal disease and half of my teeth being
lost. Why didn’t I ask earlier? Thanks again!   
                                                              - - I.D.,

Three years ago at the age of 42, I was diagnosed with a very bad case of gingivitis and
periodontal. My dentist recommended surgical treatment and implantation. I started the Gum-plus
supplement and within 3-4 days, my gum bleeding and pains seized. In 3 months I returned to my
dentist and he was so astonished at the improvement that he recommended me to continue for
another 3 months. I then returned back to my dentist’s office in about 8 months from the time I first
began taking
Gum-plus. To my dentist’s surprise, my gingivitis was completely healed and all the
damage due to gingivitis and periodontal was gone. I have no remaining symptoms and my gum
and dental health are the best ever-in 3 years since I started taking
Gum-plus. It was a miracle to
                                  - - Henry W., MD
We Guarantee you will see dramatic
changes in your health and quality of
life by using our
Gum-Plus within the
first 3 months of taking it,
or your money back!

Our customers enjoyed these
results and we know you will too.
120 capsules
Serving Per Bottle:
Approx. 30 Servings
Net Weight:
600 mg.
Health Category:
Gum Disease
Suggested usage:
As a dietary supplement, take 4
tablets two (2) times a day.
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